Huat Films is responsible for producing quality and original content across all platforms. Led by Michelle’s insistence and focus on creative concepts and quality productions, Huat Films has established itself as a key content creator in effective digital marketing. Our distinctive and engaging characters as well as branded content have amassed a considerable following and achieved high brand recall.

Michelle Chong x Singapore Tourism Board

To encourage job seekers to consider a career in hospitality, Singapore Tourism Board collaborated with Michelle Chong where she went undercover as a foreign VVIP to conduct a “stress test” on unsuspecting hotel employees. Our most viral one yet, this video garnered over 270k views and 5k shares in under 12 hours.

Ah Lian x Netflix

Michelle debuted as the feisty Ah Lian on Netflix's promotional campaign of their popular series “Orange Is The New Black”. The videos, which were conceptualised and written by her, garnered more than 1.6 million views within days of launching.

Ah Lian x Kao Singapore Sibei Rich Asians

In collaboration with Kao Singapore, Michelle parodied the Crazy Rich Asian trailer as the feisty Ah Lian. Called SIBEI RICH ASIANS, the parody has gone viral and garnered over 1.2 million views and counting.

Sonia x Essentials Singapore

To promote Essential’s Moisturizing Frizz-Free Shampoo, we were inspired by hilariously absurd Thai TVCs and created a comedy skit featuring Michelle’s character from LULU THE MOVIE, Sonia. The video garnered extremely positive reception from viewers, drawing over 300k views across all social media platforms.

Venus Seow x Health Promotion Board

The series garnered over 1,081,000 views on Michelle Chong’s and other social media platforms within 1 month of launching. The diabetes prevention campaign video series was featured during the National Day Rally 2017.

Emily 爱美丽 x Pizza Hut’s Yakitori Pizza

Promoting Pizza Hut’s new Yakitori Pizza, Emily 爱美丽’s debut video accumulated over 420k views across all social platforms, receiving extremely positive reception from fans.


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